Showcases powers premium TV experience KPN

Supplier of metadata, images and innovation

For KPN, collects the live metadata from many different sources and then enriches this with extra data and high-quality images. This enables KPN to offer its subscribers a high-quality and user-friendly TV experience. 

A streamlined process

With the help of extensive automation, program data from various suppliers is imported and checked. This data is then enriched using automatic processes. In addition, the data is checked and enriched by the editors of In this way we ensure that the TV guide is always up to date and that all programs are provided with the correct image(s).

Thanks to the smooth cooperation with the KPN team, it is possible to quickly respond to the realization of new features and highlighting important (sports) events.


Automated Serie linking enabling Smart Recordings

Using a premium TV service naturally includes the ability to binge watch your favorite series. With the Automated Series Linking feature, enables KPN subscribers to record series without recording the reruns.


Custom made Sports images

Sport is playing an increasingly important role in linear television and provides KPN with custom-made images for all major sports competitions and events. These images are designed in-house for all major national and international football competitions and tournaments such as Champions League, Eredivisie, World Cup, European Championship, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, F1 and major events such as the Olympic Games.


Our extensive genre classification, in which competitions are also classified as genre, ensures that the sports section of KPN is automatically filled and the many sports enthusiasts are catered for.

Data Services and Support

In addition to substantive data, also provides data concerning the rights that are linked to programs and channels. Think of parental control, Pay-per-view and Catch-up, but also of being able to record or fast forward live content.


About KPN

KPN is a leading supplier of telecommunications and IT and market leader in the Netherlands. With its fixed and mobile networks for telephony, data and television, it serves customers at home and abroad. KPN focuses on both private customers and business users, from small to large. In addition, it offers telecom providers access to its widespread networks.


Curious about what can do for your TV service?

Visit the website for more information. is a Stoneroos brand – part of NEP since 2021. Stoneroos is specialized in designing and developing applications for all platforms and devices.