A next-gen TV solution matching the ambitions of DELTA Fiber

A seamless experience on all devices and platforms – powered by OTT NOW!

By using our OTT NOW! solution, Stoneroos and DELTA Fiber were able to create a cutting-edge brand new TV experience for their TV Platform. Subscribers now have the opportunity to experience features like interactive Live TV, Catch-up services and Cloud Recordings on their preferred devices.

Video Content is Key

Thanks to the state of the art but uncomplicated and transparent interface the video content gets the focus it deserves. Guided by the interface the user knows where he is at any moment, making the product feel familiar right from the start.

In addition, the innovative character of the product is visualized by progressive UI solutions, clear typography and smooth animations to give the service the next-gen appearance that fits the hardware.

The STB client was the first to be developed and designed. The design decisions for the STB client are translated to the Web, iOS and Android apps creating one consistent experience regardless of the platform or device.

From moodboard to interface

The biggest challenge was offering the large amount of the Live, Catchup, and Recorded content to the user in a well structured, smart and consistent experience. That is why we aimed for an as much as possible stripped-down interface that guides the TV viewer and gives the underlying video stream space for a maximum television experience where ease of use comes first in a premium environment.

Developing the Delta TV Design Library

Simultaniously the DELTA TV Design Library was created, to give the design- and development team a fundament for all design decisions. Being an organic library, new design elements are frequently added and current design elements are constantly reviewed to make sure they still fit in the DELTA TV Design experience or need improvement.

Optimized for Every Device

Making use of our OTT NOW! technical framework the UI is optimized for each device. The customers of DELTA Fiber benefit from our knowledge and experience in creating top notch TV apps.


About DELTA Fiber

With the brands DELTA and Caiway, DELTA Fiber provides gigabit internet, interactive television, telephony and mobile services. DELTA Fiber is owned by two investment companies: the Swedish EQT and the American Stonepeak. DELTA Fiber includes DELTA, Caiway, DELTA Network and ZeelandNet, with this joint company employing more than 1200 people.


About OTT NOW!

Whether you are a TV operator, a broadcaster or a content owner, with our OTT NOW! products and services we help extend audience reach, create the next generation television experience and deliver a consistent UX across every platform.

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OTT NOW! is developed by Stoneroos – part of NEP since 2021. Stoneroos is specialized in designing and developing applications for all platforms and devices.