Media Solutions

VIXY  – online video platform

Video management and publication for professionals

VIXY is the powerful, easy-to-use online video platform that allows publishers and content owners to manage, publish, monetize, and analyze video on any device.

VIXY delivers millions of streams on a monthly basis to more than 150 countries worldwide, for clients such as Ekhart Yoga, NCOI, Binck, The House of Yoga and VUmc. VIXY OVP lets businesses gain control over their media library, reach more viewers, connect with their audience and get paid more by creating new high-value monetization opportunities.

Key benefits include:

Platform features: Powerful Video Management, Video Encoding, User management, Interactive Video Players, Video Playlists, Social Sharing, Video SEO, Video Advertising, In-Video Calls to Action, Video Transcripts, Video Analytics & Reporting, Private Embedding, Extended API. With VIXY you’ll create a whole new level of engagement with your customers and fans around the world!

For more information, check the Vixy Video website.