Media Solutions

Content Distribution Network (CDN)

Your video available on Netflix or iTunes? Showing a live stream on your website, or having a complete OTT platform built? Our own Content Distribution Network (CDN) makes your content available on any desired platform, such as iTunes, iOS, SmartTV, Android, and web browsers. With this one access we serve everyone, everywhere, with both live video sharing as well as on-demand movies and series.

Thanks to our own CDN, we are independent of third parties in all aspects. We have full control over the quality of our services. What’s more, the CDN operates entirely redundantly at two separate locations. Because we are the biggest provider in the Netherlands, we can also offer you the possibility of connecting another system to our CDN that can serve as an overflow system. The CDN brings your digital files to the consumer at lightning speed and without interruption, anywhere in the world, in any desired format on any desired device. It also provides you with the world’s latest audio and video streaming and download options.

Proprietary fiber-optic network
NEP’s infrastructure is built around its own, 100% uptime fiber-optic network. Through this network, more than 250 video editing sets are connected to the central facilities for editing, playout, final production, and storage. The infrastructure is ready for future technical developments, enabling flexible updating when new formats and technologies require further innovation.

Live feeds and streams
Live feeds are processed in our own master control room (MCR) LiveCenter, giving you immediate access to national and international hubs for video and Internet connections. The center also has 24/7 playout, delay, and catch-up services to various channels. The LiveCenter encodes your content into any desired format, thereby making live (sporting) events available on the computer, tablet, and SmartTV.

We ensure that your content can be shown and distributed to both select and wide audiences. Our platform is designed so that we can easily reach your public on any conceivable device, platform, or channel. We can deliver your content to worldwide platforms such as Apple iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft Xbox, Amazon Instant Video, Sony Playstation, DailyMotion,
YouTube, Hulu, Blinkbox, UVVU, and Rakuten.

Transcoding your content, or directly digitally converting it from one format to another makes it suitable for many terminal stations: from video-on-demand platforms and online streaming to mobile devices, and SmartTVs. We have a great deal of experience with digitalizing and converting video content into formats such as SD, HD, UHD, and 3D.

In addition, the Transcoding department takes care of:

Digital Rights Management
Digital Rights Management (DRM) protects your intellectual property from being breached by third parties. In practice, this means that the person who wants to view your content must have authorized access to it. Your content is saved and distributed in encrypted (encoded) format and only becomes accessible if the user has the right permissions.

Digital Media Services
We have long-standing knowledge and experience in the area of content preparation, packaging, quality control, file handling, and delivery and also have certification for well-known, worldwide, over- the-top (OTT) platforms. We also work together with the most important European content owners and aggregators.

With this one access we serve everyone, everywhere, with both live video sharing as well as on-demand movies and series. And we do it all in house.

Tiemen Strijk Broadcast IT Specialist