Media Solutions – Metadata and Content Discovery

Great data, outstanding services

Improve your clients’ television experience with our complete and up-to-date metadata. Our data, with pixel-perfect images and enriched content, is essential for the best TV services, platforms and devices. Reliable, accurate and well-supplied, content discovery starts with

Enabling the Next Generation TV Experience provides enriched data for a wide range of channels. Images, genres and all other information you need to empower your products are included in our channel listings.

Pixel-Perfect Images: Making TV-Guides Come to Life

A modern TV Guide is incomplete without images. Our images breathe life into your TV Guide and help your customers navigate to the right programs. Our Focus Point ensures that our images can be used in any aspect ratio. Whichever aspect ratio you use in your application, all images will be presented correctly. That seems logical, but for our competitors it certainly isn’t.

Custom Sports Images

Sports are becoming more and more important in modern day TV applications. At the same time, sports images are mostly very basic. It is our mission to improve sports images and in the process make a TV guide that offers its users a quick overview of all available sports and events. Making navigating through the app simple and user friendly.


Listings for Channels from All Across the World offers channel listings from all across the world, ranging from small national channels to the leading international ones. For an easy overview, we have conveniently arranged the channels per country. Interested in a channel not on the list? Just contact us and we will be happy to look for a solution!

Enriched Data Services and Support

Besides providing straightforward program data, also delivers custom services to ensure you get the best out of your product. We customize our data to match the functionalities in your applications. Take a look at the services we offer and contact us for a custom solution for your applications.

Need more info? Visit the website. is a Stoneroos brand – part of NEP since 2021. Stoneroos is specialized in designing and developing applications for all platforms and devices.