Media Solutions

Augmented Reality

Making the impossible possible

Augmented Reality (AR) combines real life with the virtual world; real-time interactiveness in three dimensions. Optically enlarge the studio to infinite, replace the luminous ceiling with a virtual roof, or adjust the decor entirely to the content of your program. Physical impossibilities are made possible with AR.

NEP The Netherlands is leading in the field of Augmented Reality. Augmented techniques are often used to add something extra to the physical studio in a flexible and relatively affordable way. Augmented applications add an extra layer with virtual graphics on top of the existing image. Because the graphics are added to the camera footage, they become visible to the viewer at home. This augmented reality allows you, for example, to position your studio in the middle of the desert.

We create a virtual illusion - live or recorded - for the entire (studio) environment. The possibilities are endless!

Roel Bartstra Senior Unreal Engineer