Broadcast Services


A webinar, also known as a web based seminar, is a live broadcast via the internet about a specific subject without the audience attending. This could be about a product of service that you want to promote to an online audience, or about a theme with which you want to enforce your reputation as an expert in your workfield or want to deploy as a subject of crisis communication. Your target audience will be able to watch your broadcast online within your secured online environment. 

Webinars enhance your online visibility. With a webinar you can share and launch your expertise and knowledge or products and services worldwide. A webinar could be accessible live, pre-recorded or on demand. No other communication tool is as effective deployed by:

Webinars are also very effective in bringing together ideas and perspectives, but also in generating leads. Interact with your audience and transform passive viewers into active viewers with our smart webinar software.

The webinar platform can also be used as a SaaS (licence based) solution. In this way, you can organize and broadcast a webinar yourself. Do you not have any recording or capturing facilities? We can also provide those facilities for you.

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We always facilitate out of a controllable situation and interactive videostream. The (live)stream will only be broadcasted via our own systems or platforms from the client such as ZOOM, UbiCast, Microsoft Stream and Vixy

Our experts are ready to advise and help you by making the right choice in deploying a live streaming event, webcast or webinar. If you have questions or you want to receive more information, please contact or call us via +31(0)35 6774003.