Broadcast Services


Release video updates regarding your organization, enforce your internal or external communication, or make an important speech or event online available? Our location independent webcast solution is the right tool for you! NEP facilitates the entire technical features and production of your concept. Webcasting is broadcasting video and audio over the intra- or internet, so that you can reach a big audience simultaneously with your message.

A live capture is made possible with the help of multiple cameras out of a pop-up studio, an in-house production studio or out of one of the (studio)locations of NEP. From the central control room, clip launches, graphics or pre captured items can be displayed. Short and clear communication lines allow you to focus completely on the content of your event.

The live webcast is recorded and can be broadcasted via the internet, social media or intranet. The audience can watch the (live)stream on their own computer, laptop or mobile device, in combination with for example a Powerpoint presentation or keynote slides.

Workspace webcasting

Online meetings with tools as Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Zoom and Google Hangout are becoming more popular these days. Anyone with a webcam and/or microphone and the right software can attend these kind of virtual meetings online. However, the restriction is the amount of participants that are able to attend simultaneously. That’s why we developed the possibility to transform these online meetings into interactive webinars for a big group of people. Out of the Webinar platform we connect to the previously mentioned online meeting tools.

NEP is with her broadcast background, specialist in live connections between worldwide locations. Therefore, you’re able to give fellow speakers, colleagues or participants on the other side of the world a spot at your event. You can offer your total program to your audience through a livestream via online platforms such as your website, social media or your own intranet.

Our experts are ready to advise and help you by making the right choice in deploying a live streaming event, webcast or webinar. If you have questions or you want to receive more information, please contact or call us via +31(0)35 6774003.