Broadcast Services

RF Services

Capture the emotion

Capturing the emotions of athletes, artists and audiences is a challenge. Especially when you’re organizing a mobile event, and you always must be exactly where the action is. Even when the action is moving with 60 km/h. Or when the action is taking place on a frozen lake or a rooftop in a big city.

Unique approach

We believe that the digital revolution has opened up a range of new possibilities in mobile TV production. When we combine these innovations with our 30 years of experience in wireless TV production, we can give every event the impact it deserves.

Emotion and excitement

Together with production teams we create shots, views and experiences that will excite the audiences. Understanding how performance data and telemetrics can build more excitement, we know how to create maximum impact for every event.

With our RF Services team we are always searching for new ways to tell your story. Our state-of-the-art wireless technology allows our specialists to create high quality images from unique moments. We’ll handle all the logistics, under any circumstance.