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Mobile Data Center – TOC

A Technical Operations Center at the heart of the worlds’ biggest events!

Tennis Grand Slams, Formula 1 Grand Prix… Pretty much all international entertainment and multisport events with a worldwide audience are fantastic to produce. However, capturing and distributing is one of the biggest technical challenges in production. How can a host broadcaster meet the needs of all media parties and how can all live actions, ENG images, studio programs, and press conferences of the various parties be properly edited so that the images can immediately be transmitted across the entire globe?

Our Mobile Data Center has everything that is needed for a Technical Operations Center (TOC). This mobile technical solution connects and administers every large event as one single content chain, with all broadcasters and content being seamlessly connected to each other – in one production workflow. Built in an container, the Mobile Data Center can be placed anywhere in the world. Moreover, it can be configured to be an EVS playout/recording farm, MCR or connection hub combined with post-production.

The Mobile Data Center is equipped with Mediadoqs for automated ingest of ENG material: your team can work from any desired location, both at the event and at home. Live logging or live streams, transcoding, and distribution, live or to a VOD platform – everything is administered with the Mobile Data Center.

  • CentralParq
    • The engine of the post-production workflow runs on NEP’s CentralParq workflow software. CentralParq regulates ingest, editing, and the content management process in a safe, user-friendly environment. Modules within CentralParq allow users to administer and configure the entire workflow with minimal technical expertise.
  • Mediadoq
    • A Mediadoq allows creators of content to ingest ENG material. This material is then available in a post-production workflow. By using a QR code, the content is automatically sent to the correct editing location. This makes ingest a one-step process of which you are in control.
  • GrandCentral
    • The Mobile Data Center and its entire technical infrastructure is monitored by GrandCentral, which gives you immediate and continuous insight into your production environment, its availability, performance, and capacity.

Technical Operations Center Workflow exampleMobileDatacenter-TechnicalOperationsCenter_Workflow

By placing the Mobile Data Center and the NEP workflow at the heart of the infrastructure, recording, editing and distribution of content becomes manageable and more efficient for all teams involved. It lessens the workload, allowing production teams to focus on the action and the communication between their own processes.

Gerbrand de Ridder Head of R&D and Lead System Architect