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Mobile Data Center – Reality Workflow Solution

Your reality TV technical solution, ready on demand, in a 40ft mobile unit. Let’s go!

Internationally, there is much demand for big reality programs and new reality concepts. These reality shows often take place in remote and temporary locations without any technical infrastructure. In combination with the complexity of these primarily technical productions, this all makes for a relatively long start-up time and high investment to properly implement the (production) workflow of the reality concept from the technical perspective.

This is why we developed a relatively simple-to-use, future-proof, end-to-end HD reality workflow. From the master control room to post-production facilities: a simple technical solution that improves the quality and uptime and can be rolled out in just a few weeks. This mobile unit is technically designed so that enormous amounts of content can be processed and distributed on a daily basis, 24/7, both online and on television.

  • CentralParq
    • The engine of the reality workflow runs on NEP’s CentralParq workflow software. CentralParq regulates ingest, editing, and the content management process in a safe, user-friendly environment. Modules within CentralParq allow users to administer and configure the entire workflow with minimal technical expertise.
  • CentralParq Reality Module
    • Automated audio leveling, live logging and fast tagging of all – metadata-enriched – content enables your editing team to prepare powerful storylines and scenes from live feeds. The list with clips, or the composition, is then sent to the editing platform, ready for broadcast and/or your own platform. The software is so efficient that labor hours can be decreased by up to 50% a day even for the biggest productions.

HD Reality Workflow example and possible technical set-upMobileDatacenter_Reality_Workflow

Every reality show has its own, unique technical requirements. Thanks to this unit, 80% of the required technical infrastructure is covered. To complete the picture, the production workflow is customized for you in consultation with our R&D team.

Casper Choffat R&D Manager and Lead System Architect