Broadcast Services

ENG Production

A solution for every case

The department ENG Services consists of experienced camera, sound and technical specialists and is very flexible and committed. ENG Services distinguishes itself with a number of specializations: High-end, ENG, Multi ENG capturing, candid and live 4G contribution.

This department offers full-scale expertise in these specializations and continues to lead in the field of innovation. Besides producing commentaries, series, high-end TV commercials, promos and internet virals, ENG Services’ sound and camera crews also contribute to Dutch documentaries, shorts and feature films.

  • ENG: Infotainment & reality
    • ENG Services is leading in the area of recording comprehensive infotainment and reality series. Whether the program is shot on regular cameras or it needs a more cinematic look, ENG Services has a solution for every case. ENG Services works for most Dutch current events shows, including Nieuwsuur, EenVandaag, Hart van Nederland and Shownieuws.
  • ENG: Sports & current events
    • ENG Services can rely on years of experience in recording sports events. The people in the ENG Services sports camera crews set themselves apart by their insight and expertise in the specific sports discipline. Programs for which the ENG Services camera crews are deployed include NOS Studio Sport, Sport1/Ziggo, FOX Sports, Keuken Kampioen Divisie and Zappsport, along with larger events such as the Olympic Games, the Paralympics and the Shell Eco-marathon.
  • Multi-ENG: Compact direction
    • ENG Services is your ENG specialist with a range of solutions for linked recordings: Compact Directing, Flight Directing and the Suitcase Directing. These direction sets are delivered in a compact form and can be assembled swiftly.
  • Other products and services of ENG Services
    • LIVE: SNG: live link with a dedicated satellite van, staffed and entirely controlled by one operator
    • CANDID
    • AIR: cable cams, drones, helicopter shots; the most beautiful aerial footage
    • FILM
    • Rental
    • ENG Services Academy