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NEP Webcasting continues as VIXY Live

12 October 2023International media technology company NEP has handed over part of its services to VIXY, part of NEP, with effect from 1 October 2023. Under the new label VIXY Live, VIXY will facilitate webcasts, build corporate studios, and record corporate events. The innovative video software company thus takes over the care of online events for the corporate market from NEP.

Handing over these activities to VIXY Live follows from the strategic reorientation NEP NL implemented earlier this year, according to which NEP NL will refocus on its core business. As a result, webcasting and corporate studio services for the corporate market will no longer be carried out by NEP NL. Besides providing technical support for these activities, VIXY Live will also take over the Live Event Platform from NEP. This platform facilitates and broadcasts virtual and hybrid events for the corporate market. Frank ter Weeme, CFO NEP The Netherlands: “We are delighted to be able to hand over these services to VIXY Live. This way, our customers can continue to rely on a driven team of professionals in both the preparation and execution of their webinars and corporate events.”

NEP is a shareholder of VIXY. As a result, NEP customers can continue to rely on their regular points of contact and the knowledge and experience of the technical team of VIXY Live. Niels Buningh, Managing Partner and Founder of VIXY: “Customers retain access to NEP’s media technology innovation and strength. Combined with VIXY’s focus on technical support for webinars, in-house studios, and corporate events, I am confident that we can deliver unique live productions for our customers where clear and effective communication is paramount. This means that our customers, such as ING, Aegon, Nationale Nederlanden and AkzoNobel, can continue to rely on VIXY Live’s innovative and reliable services.”

About VIXY

VIXY is an innovative video software company based at the Media Park in Hilversum. Since its foundation in 2010, ‘VIXY Platform’ has enabled publishers and owners of video content to manage, deliver and analyze videos in a professional way. In 2023, ‘VIXY Live’ was added to the company. This allows customers to bring the entire process of video production to VIXY; from advising on and executing live recordings, to building studios and providing a secure stream from its own video platform. NEP The Netherlands has been an investor and co-owner of VIXY since 2016 and is now bringing its webinar and corporate event operations to VIXY Live.

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