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Successfull NEP The Netherlands/SVG Experience Tour

9 September 2016Sports Video Group Europe (SVG) and NEP The Netherlands have joined forces for a special technical facility tour of Media Park Hilversum, which took place on Thursday 8th of September. The tour – dubbed the Experience Tour & Breakfast – offered a unique journey into the heart of the electronic media production business. Both parties look back on a very succesfull day, for SVG and NEP as well as for the visitors.

The tour took the participants through a one-stop-shop for managed services ranging from live capture to worldwide distribution. It ran through studios, Cloud Production, LiveCenter, RF Services, IT, Service Operations Center and FOX Sports playout. Also included in the Experience Tour was the integration of graphics and Augmented Reality in live TV programming.

Not only did NEP organize this tour together with SVG, NEP has also become Platinum Sponsor of the SVG. “NEP is very pleased to join SVG Europe as a Platinum Sponsor,” said NEP Major Projects Sales Director Brian Clark. “SVG provides a strong line-up of sports TV production insight and resources. Producing live sports coverage is a complex subject to tackle, right through the chain from camera capture to the viewer’s screen. The SVG platform shines an important spotlight on this chain and the complexity involved in production, and has now become an important barometer for the state of the European sports TV production business.

Missed the tour? Visit us at IBC2016 in the Amsterdam RAI!