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NEP opens Corona virus quick testing facility at Media Park, Hilversum

Hilversum, 4 November 2020NEP opens Corona virus quick testing facility at Media Park, Hilversum

Media technology company NEP has announced the opening of a Corona Virus quick test facility at the Media Park in Hilversum, the Netherlands.

Since opening last week, more than 400 NEP employees have been tested, and from this week on, the facility will be opened further to accommodate freelancers, clients and suppliers of NEP.  The testing facility, which can deliver results in as quick as 30-60 minutes, will aid with early stage detection, helping to limit the spread and impact of the virus as much as possible.

Kirsten Nijmeijer, Chief People Officer at NEP: “ We’ve created this quick test facility because of two reasons. We wanted to give our staff the opportunity to be tested preventively in order to take away some insecurity. In this way our staff knows they can do their job in a safe way. The second reason is that we can also test people with minor complaints, so that we know immediately if they can continue their work or not. Because of this new facility our staff doesn’t have to wait unnecessarily long at home for their results and we avoid extra costs for external hiring.”

Adding to a broader suite of  precautionary measures, these antigen tests are RIVM approved and can show contagiousness at the moment of testing. Carried out by medical professionals, a nose swab is taken and within 30-60 minutes after the test, the results are ready. In the case of a negative test result, the person will receive an email notification via a secured system, specifically designed for handling medical information. In the case of a positive result, the person will receive a phone call followed by a secured email.

Ralf van Vegten, CEO of NEP: “We’re very proud that we’ve developed this quick test facility on such short notice. The quick tests can take away uncertain feelings because the results are ready within an hour and we can take direct action if necessary when people have a positive test result. In this way, we can monitor the infections and take care of our people in the best way possible. I think we, as a company, must take that responsibility and create some tranquility in these turbulent times. For this reason, the quick tests are also available for clients and freelancers, so that they can also feel safer and have more clarity.”

The test facility is open 6 days a week and will be located at the Media Park for an indefinite period of time. To make the most of this test facility, the remaining capacity will be made available to third parties for a small fee. Third party bookings can be made and paid for via the secure portal Alternatively existing NEP clients and suppliers can contact their NEP client manager to arrange for test capacity. NEP hopes that this facility can help contribute to a safe and healthy Media Park.