News & Blog and Creative Animal reach over ten thousands of medical professionals with online COVID courses

Hilversum, 19 July 2021With the idea in mind to inform medical professionals about the ‘new’ coronavirus, founders Richard Supheert and Kasper Maltha of, a knowledge platform for the healthcare sector, reached out to Creative Animal in March 2020. The need for more information about the coronavirus turned out to be so big, that they were looking for a way to host an online webinar and reach as many healthcare professionals as possible via a livestream.

And not without success. Over 51.000 healthcare professionals attended the first COVID-19 livestream, where virologists like Marion Koopmans spoke about the virus, the quick changing situation in our country and the perspectives for the upcoming months. The Nederlandse Huisartsen Genootschap, the Landelijke Huisartsenvereniging and even the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and the RIVM used as a digital communications tool. The average number of healthcare professionals that attended the following webinars was 18.000 and now plays a crucial role in providing information about the coronavirus. Now, after more than a year after the first COVID-19 livestream, this originally one-off initiative has grown out to an extensive range of webinars in which diverse medical issues are being addressed. 

“Together with ten thousands colleagues we shared our insights, learned more every webinar and put that knowledge immediately into practice the next day”

Richard Supheert, founder “Together with general practitioner Kasper Maltha, I started in 2017 during my medical studies. At the beginning of the crisis almost all training was canceled, but the need for more information about COVID grew rapidly. That’s why we wanted to organise a webinar about COVID to fill this need. By organizing these webinars, we could connect our colleagues to policymakers. A general practitioner from Brabant for example, could explain the whole situation to a doctor in Groningen, who had not seen one single COVID-patient yet, to prepare him or herself in the best way possible. Together with ten thousand colleagues we shared our insights, learned more every webinar and put that knowledge immediately into practice the next day.”

Marco van Norel, Director Business Growth and Partnerships at Creative Animal: “When MedischeScholing reached out, I immediately had the feeling that we had to take action. We also could not have foreseen the impact on our society and our company at the beginning of last year. Together with our sister company NEP, we’ve made our studio and facilities available to organise the COVID-19 livestreams in a period when a lot was still unknown. I think it’s great that we’ve contributed, with our facilities, to crucial communications and information in an uncertain period and we’ve built on a great cooperation with”

Currently, Creative Animal and are extending their cooperation. itorium, an edtech start-up and partner of Creative Animal, has started with the development of accredited content production for medical training. This content will be high-quality produced, technically as well as substantively, with the goal to bring the content on to an even higher level and to inform and connect healthcare professionals in the best way possible.