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Daily Highlights: Eurovision Song Contest

21 May 2021A year after the Eurovision Song Contest was postponed, it’s finally almost here! We are very proud to provide the registration of the three live shows from Ahoy in Rotterdam, including all technical facilities, crew and equipment together with United! We will also supply the graphics and AR elements that will be controlled by our own software and people.

 Curious about all the developments and preparations for this big music spectacle? Follow our daily highlights and stay informed about all ins and outs!

Saturday May 22nd
Tonight is the night! For the last time live from Ahoy: the grand finals! Douze points for our crew!

Friday May 21
The second semi finals were pure magic! Today are the last show rehearsals for the ultimate ending of this week: the grand finals!

  • Vrijdag 21 mei ESC - 2
  • Vrijag 21 mei ESC - 3
  • Vrijdag 21 mei ESC

Photo credits: Nathan Reinds

Thursday 20 May
Tonight the second semi finals! We’re ready!

  • Donderdag 20 mei ESCC - 2
  • Donderdag 20 mei ESC

Photo credits: Sander Mulkens

Wednesday 19 May
It’s a wrap! The first semi final show is over and it was a fantastic spectacle! On to the second semi finals tomorrow!

Tuesday 18 May
Tonight is the night: The first semi finals of the Eurovision Songcontest! In the past 1,5 years we’ve worked so hard to capture 3 spectacular shows this week and deliver unforgettable graphics and AR features. We’re so proud of everyone that worked on this enormous music spectacle and we wish our crew good luck tonight! Let’s go!

Monday 17 May
Show week dag 1! Let’s go!

Photo credits: Sander Mulkens

  • Maandag 17 mei - ESC - 1
  • Maandag 17 mei - ESC - 3
  • Maandag 17 mei - ESC - 4
  • Maandag 17 mei - ESC - 2

Sunday 16 May
Today our crew has a day off, tomorrow the show week starts! That means our crew will work for six days straight until the finals on Saturday. For this day off, our crew received a special delivery with some delicious goodies.

Saturday 15 May.
Cables, buttons, power plugs, colours.. What belongs where?

Friday 14 May
Cameraman Bas Thijssen and Daniel de Ruiter, head of Drone Operations at NOS, seek higher ground for the best shots and a beautiful view!

Thursday 13 May
Rehearsals day 16!

Foto credits: Nathan Reinds

  • donderdag 13 mei - Nathan Reinds - 3 - ESC2021
  • donderdag 13 mei - Nathan Reinds - 2 - ESC2021
  • donderdag 13 mei - Nathan Reinds - 1 - ESC2021

Update – Wednesday 12 May

Tuesday 11 May
In exactly a week the first semi finals will start! Our crew is working hard and there’s no time to get some nice tan! Or is there…

Monday 10 May
The showrehearsals are on full speed! And that gives us some nice pictures!

  • 10 mei - 3
  • 10 mei - 1
  • 10 mei - 4
  • 10 mei - 2

Sunday 9 May
The crew for the press conferences has started this weekend as well!

Saturday 8 May
Our crew gets tested every 48 hours to keep the working spaces as safe and healthy as possible. And when the results are negative the rule is.. Cheer and wave!

Friday 7 May
Cameraman Bas Thijssen en camerawoman Manon Hoskens get some fresh air and take the opportunity to take a nice picture. As of tomorrow the show rehearsals will start with all the delegations. We’re very excited, the shows are coming closer and closer!

Thursday 6 May
In Rotterdam Ahoy we also commemorated the 4th and 5th of May. Tuesday, the entire crew watched the memorial service at the Dam on a big screen. May 5th our crew had a day off to relax and celebrate our liberation a little bit.

Wednesday 5 May

Tuesday 4 May

Monday 3 May
Workout-Monday! Our crew starts the week fresh and fruity with a hard workout to be extra fit during the shows! Sporty!

  • maandag 3 mei ESC 2021 foto 3
  • maandag 3 mei ESC 2021 foto 2
  • maandag 3 mei ESC 2021 foto 1

Sunday 2 May
The sun is shining, but it is still quite chilly outside! Especially for this typical Dutch weather, the crew of NEP and United received a limited edition jacket. A real collectors item, which is worn with pride!

  • Zondag 2 mei ESC 2021 foto 2
  • Zondag 2 mei ESC 2021 foto 1
  • Zondag 2 mei ESC 2021 foto 3

Saturday 1 May
It is time for the stand-in rehearsals! Project managers Remco van den Berg (United) and Jacco Smuling (NEP) taking a picture with a very special stand-in!

Friday 30 April
Suddenly back in school…Every day the entire camera crew meets to go through all the performances and prepare the perfect shots! They study, discuss and concentrate to bring a spectacular show home to the audience!

Thursday 29 April
Exercising during long working days is important! Therefore, our crew was given the opportunity to bring their own bikes to Rotterdam, to cycle from the hotel (30 minutes away) to Ahoy every day. Good for the legs and good to clear the mind!

  • Donderdag_29-april_2
  • Donderdag_29-april_1
  • Donderdag_29-april_3

Wednesday 28 April
An essential part of the Eurovision Song Contest, the audio! To enable broadcasts in Immersive Audio formats, such as Dolby Atmos and MPEG-H, 4 microphones with an 8-character characteristic are hung in the ridge of Ahoy. A so-called Hamasaki mini-square.

Our audio engineers test the microphones and prepare a magic arm setup. A rigger then hangs this up 20 metres high! Pretty high indeed!

  • Foto-1-Woensdag-28-april-2021
  • Foto-2-Woensdag-28-april-2021

Tuesday 27 April
King’s Day in Rotterdam Ahoy! We had to work hard today, but that’s no reason not to pull out some orange attributes and still have a little party! And of course orange cake is a part of it;)

  • Dinsdag-27-april-Koningsdag-ESC-2021-gebak
  • Dinsdag-27-april-Koningsdag-ESC-2021-taart
  • Dinsdag-27-april-Koningsdag-ESC-2021

Monday 26 April
Today is the first day of the technical rehearsals, which will start with a joint kick-off! Every technical part, small or big, has to be tested in order to produce flawless shows by mid-May. Today the intercom checks, time codes and laser checks were on the programme.

Sunday 25 April
Time for some music and relaxation! Colleagues Vince Westbroek and Jordi Floor are doing a swinging radio broadcast for the crew, live from the compound!

Saturday 24th April
Weekend! Lars de Danschutter, our senior Engineer in Charge enjoys a well-deserved break in the sun…feet up!

23 april
AR tracking

  • Foto-2-NEP-ESC-2021
  • Foto-3-NEP-ESC-2021
  • Foto-4-NEP-ESC-2021
  • Foto-1-NEP-ESC-2021

Vlog Jacco Smuling – Thirsday 22 April

Wednesday – 21 April
Today, the first caravan left the Media Park for Rotterdam Ahoy! A great moment, which of course deserved a small committee of very proud colleagues. For weeks the trucks have been prepared technically, stickered and polished in order to make a good impression at this huge event!

  • NEP-team-voor-vertrek-Rotterdam
  • NEP-Mobiele-Data-Center
  • NEP-trucks-gereed-voor-vertrek
  • NEP-trucks-in-depot