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How do you reach your target audience in times of crisis?

Especially in extreme times like these, it’s crucial for companies and organizations to be visible for employees, clients and investors. Communicating in a transparent way about what you do, know and expect, even if you’re not sure, gives a feeling of connection, togetherness and a collective battle in times of uncertainty.

Extreme times ask for a reliable partner in creating, processing and distributing video content. NEP is a world leader in the field of technical realization (end-to-end) of sports, entertainment and corporate event productions. We have deployed all our available capacity to help (corporate) companies, universities, schools and other organizations even better to stay in contact and encourage interaction with their target audience.

From live capture and virtual studios to technical productions and live broadcasts

For years now, we have facilitated daily webinars, workshops, lectures and interactive sessions for groups of 50 to 100.000 people. These virtual events can take place in every size on every desired location, in one of our 26 studio’s or in a virtual studio, following your corporate designs, and with a secure connection to your target audience.

Organize your own live streaming event, webcast or webinar

For clients as University of The Netherlands, Nike, Shell, ING, Basic Fit and PWC, we translate their challenges to efficient end-to-end video-workflows and forceful solutions for internal as well as external use.

Together with our company Creative Animal we help companies and organizations to communicate the right messages within the right target audiences to connect, inspire and inform the audience. Our creatives, business strategy consultants and directors are stand by to support you in summarizing and enforcing your message and to keep your employees, clients or investors close, even if you can’t meet them in person in times like these.

Our experts are ready to advise and help you by making the right choice in deploying a live streaming event, webcast or webinar. If you have questions or you want to receive more information, please contact or call us via +31(0)35 6774003.